‘G’ stands for 0.3hectares of GREAT Grenache

Rumbo al Norte is the diamond in the crown of Comando G. This wine comes from a small 0.3 hectare plot in the village of Navarrevisca (Avila), with 60-year-old vines growing at an altitude of 1,150 meters above sea level. The planting frame is so narrow that not even a horse can enter the upper part of the vineyard and huge stones are interspersed between the vines. This is easily one of the finest Grenaches in the world, with a delicate, elegant and mineral aroma and colour, a special wine and extremely hard to find and get hold of.

Comando G Viticultores was founded by Daniel Gómez Landi and Fernando Garcia. Daniel and Fernando met in 2005 when studying viticulture and enology at the University of Madrid. They were both involved in different wine projects by then, but as a result of their friendship, philosophy of work and common interest about wine they soon decided to start a project together. Comando G was born in 2008 with the goal to make wines that reflect the place, the landscape and the identity of our vineyards”. In other words, “Terroir”. They decided to make and classify their wines according to the Burgundy system of Village, 1er Cru and Grand Cru wines. The reason for this was to defy this status of the vineyard. Bearing in mind they make seven wines from a total of 10 hectares. We have only a single bottle (photo*) of the first commercial Grand Cru vintage (0.3hectares) 2010 Rumbo al Norte in the cellar. Even rarer than hen´s teeth!

The recipe used to achieving the goal of the greatest Grenache (Garnacha) were the extremely old Garnacha (Grenache) vineyards common to the high altitude of the Gredos mountains of central Spain, west of Madrid. And the “role model” they choose to use for their creation was of course Chateau Rayas, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, arguably the best producer of 100% Grenache based wines in the world, that we can now safely say sit comfortably alongside Commando G´s Grand Cru Rumbo al Norte.

The work in the cellar is traditional and handcrafted with minimal intervention. 100% whole clusters are used, followed by slow maceration, fermentation in open oak vats and elevage in various sizes of oak barrels, demi-muids and foudres.

In stock* today, ex LCB VT, we have a few bottles* of these vintages to offer you, supported with various tasting notes just for you. All wines are offered subject to remaining unsold* and prices are available on our wine list, as usual.

2021 Rumbo al Norte, Navarrevisca
The 2021 was aged for 14 months in 10hl French oak barrels. This Rumbo is rose-hued, linear and precise with wild flowers, red stone fruit and peppery. A finish of mouth filling ocean spray minerality thanks to the granitic soil in the vineyard. 6 bottles in stock*

2020 Rumbo al Norte, Navarrevisca
Perfumed with smoky rubyness, herbal-streaked fruit. The wine bursts from the glass with ripe aromas of strawberry, raspberry and black cherry. A touch of dried herbal and tobacco leaf leads to a super suave and velvety finish. 4 bottles + 1 magnum in stock*

2019 Rumbo al Norte, Navarrevisca
Ruby red, a deep nose of black & red fruits. Orange blossom, white pepper and lavender. It expands sideways on the palate with soft licorice and cold verbena tea. Silky tannins leave a divine and complex mouth feel. Gorgeous! 1 bottle in stock*

2018 Rumbo al Norte, Navarrevisca
Red fruit liquor nose, cherry and smokey-licorice. Fleshy palate boasting boysenberry, raspberry and bitter cherryness. Finishes with an excellent clear balance of tannin, mineral and a touch of sweet bitterness.
1 bottle in stock*

2017 Rumbo al Norte, Navarrevisca
Sappy blood orange and dark raspberry spicey nose. Floral tannins supported by candied fruits, star anise and cherries. 1 bottle in stock*

2016 Rumbo al Norte, Navarrevisca
Spice and mineral aroma of blackberry, cherry & blueberry. A hint of lavender oil. The palate is full of spicecake, earthiness & floral herbs. A vibrant finish, long with the softest of tannins. 2 bottles in stock*

2013 Rumbo al Norte, Navarrevisca
Darkest of reds, blackberry compote and dark chocolate nose. Deeply concentrated with chewy tannins and a very very delicate finish, almost La Tache like. 5 bottles in stock*

2010 Rumbo al Norte, Navarrevisca
Cherry-raspberry on the nose. Violets, minerals and hint of juicy-smokeyness. Concentrated finish of a clear mix of dark berry fruits. 1 bottle in stock*

Dear Reader, if you have managed to get this far down in my schpeel, I want to  thank you and leave you with one more bit of Comando G news that you may or may not know about. They actually make a white wine. It is called El Tamboril Blanco and comes from the same place and is a blend of Grenacha Blanca and Grenacha Gris. 50% of each white grape is used in the cuvee, that provides just about enough wine to fill 998 bottles. If you like the flavours of fresh peach, dry honey, ginger, sweet butter and vanilla with strong minerality. Then look no further. The juice is aged for 10 months in 600ltr French oak barrells and is quite simply a white wine to die for.  There are single bottles and 2 magnums in stock*. If you do not want to drink them, then I will!


”loco como un liebre en marzo”

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