Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 2019

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! and in the words of movie actor Michael Caine (in full Cockney accent please´´..and not many people know that!´´

Well, you now know the good news is that this August the 2019 Supercal from Sebastian Zuccardi´s Piedra Infinita Estate (Altamira) has just landed in bond, with all 100 points in every single drop of this Super-Malbec.

Our local palate, L.G, had this to say about the wine:

2019 Supercal Piedra Infinita (Altamira)

´´I’m splitting hairs here, because the level is so high in the Malbecs from the Piedra Infinita vineyard that it’s difficult to say, but the coup de coeur is the 2019 Finca Piedra Infinita Supercal, the single-plot bottling from the shallower soils with lots of rocks covered in calcium carbonate (hence the name: “superlime”). In a cooler year like 2019, this wine achieved a level of precision, austerity, elegance and balance that is amazing. The wine floats in the mouth, with an ethereal quality but with the clout and power from the place. The wine is juicy and fresh with a saline twist in the finish. This is approachable now because of its gobsmacking balance and elegance, but it has all the components and the balance between them to age for a long time in bottle. Bravo! 1,400 bottles were filled in June 2020. They told me that it’s always a challenge to decide the picking date for this plot, and they feel they hit the bull’s eye in 2019. And rightly so. 100/100 points L.G. (Only 1.000 bottles filled)

Having tasted both Supercal 2019 and Gravescal 2019, along side the 2018s, at a very generous lunch hosted by Zuccardi back in mid-July 2021 at the finca I can totally agree with Luis G’s notes above, for a change. Unfortunately having tasted the full Zuccardi racecard that morning followed by lunch downstairs, I completely forgot where I put my tasting notes (and not for the first time of course). So as to keep you up-to-speed I did ask the grinning feline M.W. for his notes on the Gravescal´19, after all he did give it 100 of the best. W.P.H.

2019 Gravascal Piedra Infinita (Altamira)

Gravascal is as brilliant as it is daring. Entirely concrete-fermented and aged, it’s hauntingly complex stuff, with tangerine and dark berry fruit, thrilling minerality and precision, filigree tannins and a finish that lasts for over a minute. Truly world class, this is one of the two greatest young Argentinian wines I’ve ever tasted.’ 100/100 points T.A.MW (Only 1.250 bottles filled)

Anyone who bothers to read these ditties of mine over the years will know how much I enjoy doing them, and also that I have already written extensively about famiglia Zuccardi over the past 20+ years. And so as not to repeat too much of myself here, if you still do not know where to find this bodega/finca, you will find it located high in the Andes’ Uco Valley, two and bit hours south of Mendoza (Capital), in Paraje Alatmira where Zuccardi makes these utterly sublime wines. The two flagship cuvees are the ultra-rare Piedra Infinita Supercal and Gravascal Malbecs, and as printed above each is magnificent in 2019 vintage, which came in with perfect critique scores. They are of course wines that must be tasted to be believed, but with just 1,000-1,250 bottles of each made, very few will get the chance.

This Zuccardi winery is one that makes you re-think everything you thought you knew about Argentinian wine. These top cuvees are the result of intensive mapping of the vineyards to identify the very best plots. They are minuscule, but the quality is exceptional and needs to be, as with no oak, there is nowhere for even the tiniest misstep to hide in these hauntingly pure wines. It shows a lot of self confidence in the raw material here, which has indeed been richly rewarded. Bravissimo!

Finca Piedra Infinita, Paraje Altamira, Uco Valley, Mendoza

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“Supercalifragilistic-give me more wine!” W.P.H.