I am not really such a ‘fan’atique of football, but living in a country where the sport is considered a religion by the many, and not wanting to be a C.A.B.J. or C.A.R.P. party pooper, my team for now and for the last 19 years has been N.O.B.

It would seem that in our over-valued, under-washed and over-abbreviated world where everyone seems to be in such a rush to go nowhere, or as a friend at Findhorn once described to me the feeling that he felt, as if he was driving a sports car, foot full down on the accelerator and aiming straight for a brick wall. It would seem that we do not even have to time or space to use long words or full sentences anymore, in-fact it would seem that if we can abbreviate what we are expressing, or saying, then the cooler and better we are all for sounding like some military type on his walkie-talkie, under fire and desperate to get out of the trenches. Well, sorry, I do not agree with these shortcuts. Shortcuts to nowhere is like a dog chasing his tale. Madness! In our wonderful, almost still sane, World of Wine (WoW)! we seem to have arrived, including me of course, at a point of shortcut nomenclature, acronyms and abbreviation madness, that if you are not in the know now, then you’re probably in danger of F.O.M.O.

I have never had a problem with A.O.C. or I.G.T. even N.V. and the like, as it all seemed to make good sense on wine labels when space is of course at a minimum. But when on a P.O.S.H. wine label someone goes to the bother of printing Domaine de la Romanee-Conti or Domaine Prieur-Roche why do we automatically fall into D.R.C. and D.P.R. category? Well, if someone is going to pay top dollar for a great red wine why not reduce it’s real meaning, as if it is just wine to be traded, to a simple set of initials, it’s so not cool. So again not wanting to miss out on the latest fashion, today I have invented a new one here for you, and so that you don’t miss out, here it is. We all know of D.R.C. and D.P.R. but until today you had never heard of D.D.D. 

So here goes! and now you have: Domaine Didier Dagueneau. 
And was there ever a more mythical iconoclastic figure in the world of wine than the late and great Didier Dagueneau! Once a professional motorcycle racer, was he any good? I only know that you must stay on. In 1982 Dagueneau took by storm the village of Saint-Andelain (Pouilly-sur Loire not P.S.L. yet). And a an ‘untrained’ hand in growing grapes and making wine, he set about crafting what are now considered the most intense, chiseled and sought-after Sauvignon Blancs on earth today. His wines gained notoriety for their piercing minerality, mind-warping length and kaleidoscopic complexity. They transcended the varietal characters of Sauvignon Blanc, they mature majestically and have reframed for many the potential for the variety to convey terroir with the utmost transparency. The term ‘cult figure‘ doesn’t really do him justice. Unfortunately, he crashed his Delta (a Greek word meaning triangular tract something or other, unlike my hero Capt.Jacques Cousteau’s S.C.U.B.A.) back in 2008 and died on impact, R.I.P. But since then his son Louis-Benjamin Dagueneau and his daughter Charlotte have continued their father’s exacting standards and the wines continue to redefine the possibilities for Sauvignon Blanc’s huge potential to make some of the world’s greatest white wine.
In stock today we have the only bottle only of 2015 Asteroide D.D.D. Franc de Pied Blanc Fume de Pouilly available on our still just living planet and it’s lying at L.C.B. (V.T.) @ GBP1.080 the bottle ib and in an O.W.C. should you have interest please R.S.V.P. to me here at: william@ worldwinecounsultants.com

As we enter the month of September 2021 I have an important question for you here: Can Vidalet ?

Well, we do not really know yet as the first shipment due in from the Island of Mallorca has not arrived yet. Thanks to all the Brexit nonsense shipping and the Brexit nonsense paperwork that accompanies such adventures, there is a ‘hold up’ somewhere between Palma and Tilbury Docks. I thought about offering the wine E.P. but then realized that some of the reds, that no one has tasted yet, come in O.W.C.s and the whites come on O.C.s. Once the Customs (H.M.’s) have worked out the damage they are going to do to my costs we still do not know whether the wine shipment will be landed d.p. or i.b.

When I sit down again and scrawl a little more blog for you dear reader, I will have the final answer as to Can Vidalet ? or Can he not Vidalet !
Until the next time, V.M.T.

Weblog Glossary:
N.O B. = Newells Old Boys
C.A.B.J. = Club Athletico Boca Juniors
C.A.R.P. = Club Athletico River Plate
F.O.M.O. = Fear of missing out
A.O.C. = Appellation d’Origine Controlee
I.G.T. = Indicazione Geografica Tipica
N.V. = Non Vintage
P.O.S.H. = Port out Starboard home
D.R.C.= Domaine de la Romanee-Conti
D.P.R. = Domaine Prieur-Roche
D.D.D. = Domaine Didier Dagueneau
S.C.U.B.A. = Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
R.I.P. = Rest in Peace
i.b. = in bond
d.p. = duty paid
R.S.V.P. = Respondez s’il vous plait
O.W.C. = Original Wooden Case
O.C. = Original case/carton
E.P. = En Primeur
H.M. = Her/His Majesty
W.W.C. = World Wine Consultants
V.M.T. = Very Many Thanks
T.T.F.N. = Ta Ta For Now