Three little piggies

This little pig went to the market
This little pig stayed home
This little pig had roast beef
This little pig had none
This little pig cried “Oui, oui, oui, oui!”
All the way home…

3 little piggies

So before going home yesterday, I stopped at our local ‘open’ eatery, with bottle in hand, to have lunch with two chums who also bought a bottle each, to be served blind at our lunch. As the restaurants, hotels, shops and public transport close up here on a daily basis with a notice telling us all that they will be away until April 1st, or when the government decide to relax the new ‘stay@home’ law. Enough said. None of us had any idea what we would be bringing in the way off wine, and it’s not for the first time that three or more bottles served ‘blind’ should have such synergy. It’s super that when wine friends share bottles with love that this can, and does indeed happen. A mystery! But seriously these three wines could not have been more far apart in their origin and yet so beautifully interconnected with their style, quality and general appreciation of held back greatness that we enjoyed, and I share the notes with you now.

1996 Giacomo Ascheri Gavi ‘Cristina Ascheri’
Restrained peaches, apricots and white flowers. Lean, fine and a 100% Cortese surprise with length and elegance that one would never have guessed it was a  Cortese. Served blind like the other two wines where.

2015 Chinon ‘Les Charmes’ Charles Joguet
Deep purple ‘smoke on the water’ black core with a strong black cherry nose. All sorts of blackberry and peppery Cabernet Franc flavors, finishing fresh and subtle. The most serious of Chinons.

2015 Domaine de Villaine Bourgogne Rouge ‘La Fortune’
Lovely raspberry, blackcurrant nose. The palate would suggest it was a costal red. Impressive grip, tremendous undercroft structure with a touch of sea air freshness. Alas, Bouzeron! a la Aubert.

Keep well, keep sane and please keep drinking good wine!