Bubbles in the bath by Ivor Windy-Bottom MW

Well, it is not everyday the phone rings and little ol’me gets invited to the Champagne tasting of the year (if not since ever down here for that matter). And also to be held at one of those eateries that I would never ever dream of going to. Chila! the Numero Uno (owned by a gaucho called Bruno) restaurant of Puerto Madero in Sin City.

Champagne tasting

So, like a good boy off I trot and just as soon as I arrive and sit down, a glass or two, always useful when it comes to my Champagne addiction, are plonked down in front of me. And here we go in the order they were plonked:

Louis Roederer et Philippe Starck (raving mad) Brut Nature 2009
Umm! extremely young, extremely acidic, bone-bone dry of course and totally not my style. Trying far too hard if you ask me. Maybe if it was served later on? or after the NVs it could have worked for me.

Pol Roger Pure (as white as linen) Extra Brut
My first ever zero dosage Pol Roger and I like it. Apply, lightly intense, elegant and soft finish. A classic NV and Zeroness.

Louis Roederer Brut Premier (business class on Brit Air once upon a time) NV
Biz class fizz extremo! Fine bubbles with a young pear nose backed up with blackberries, raspberries and even some cherries, if I am not mistaken. Dry almond finish. Good one!

Pol Roger Brut (very) Reserve NV
Classy classless Brut NV. Citrus, yeasty and delicate with a soft brioche finish. Yumbojumbo!

Louis Roederer Blanc de Blancs 2008
Pure light gold with bright light green glowing through the fine mousse. Has Starcky been at this one aswell? Very white flora followed by outstanding touches of citrus and lemon.  Velvety palate and rich toasty vanilla brioche end.

Pol Roger Blanc de Blancs 2008
Very complex Chardonnay village blend. Bright and intense finish. Creamy mousse. Excellent!

Louis Roederer Rose 2013
As I was rather distracted over this one, I do not think that I scribbled a tasting note, sorry. But I can remember it being just very very Pinot Noirish, and of course moorish taboot.

Pol Roger Rose 2009
Summer pudding with wild strawberry topping. Almost ripe grapefruit finish. Delciousness!

Louis Roederer Cristal 2008
Soo disappointing, I can’t tell you. But then again when your expectations are so high, what else can one expect from a very young wine. Of course it’s packed densely with almost half decent Burgundian fruit with exquisite Cristalness. But please do not even think about opening one of these if you have some in your cellar for at lest another 5+ years. It’s already 11 years in the making and it’s still a baby. Not really my style. ‘Let’s not get pissy with the Crissy-wissy JZ’

Pol Roger Cuvee (Sir) Winston Churchill 2006
The wine of the evening by far, and if not my second favorite Champagne ever. Soft citrus, apple and clementine palate. Followed ever so gently by a lightly toasted brioche. Gloriously rich and fantastically well balanced finish. Totally and utterly addictive!


Life’s too short to drink crap, so if I were you I would cellar-invest heavily in anything Pol Roger.