We are now shipping CNS

Yes dear readers, ‘CNS‘ does indeed stand for, mean Carbon Neutral Shipments.

I could not have made this up, could I? Well, the spring has finally sprung down here and the people in charge of being in charge are still not making and taking decisions that they should be doing, and of course could do as that is what they are paid to do, as the fallout (CO2) will effect all of us, as if it is not already.  So, as an individual decision taker, I have made one today. My good people at UPS and DHL (I promise you that they are not paying me to write this) have finally managed to work out how to reduce all their ‘Carbon Emissions’ (CO2) to neutral. Now, this is going to be far too long and complex a story for me to share with you in this bugga bloggy, I know that you know the gist of it all already, but I can tell you that it is 100% positive news as far as I am concerned, and the benefits will repeat onto you and your children and your grandchildren.

So with minimum fuss, I will devote my worldwide delivery service, ‘CNS’, to the DHL Express Service (by the way you may not know this but DHL are the initials made up of the surnames of the founders: Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn. And not many people know that!)

If it comes to making and taking decisions, whether good or bad ones we can only have the courage to try, as we should still all have the faculties to give it a go. So then can others like the people in charge of Brexit, or whether it’s an IMF loan to the Macri administration here, or whether it’s Claret or Burgundy to go with your supper tonight, to more importantly ‘do I buy this wine or that wine that I saw on an offer today’? When we do this, ‘decision-making’, we are all entering, joining and using our God-given tools to actually make a decision. The good or bad bit comes later on of course, that’s life.

Now that DHL is our head-honcho delivery service, I would ask all clients around the world, that when you make your decision to buy a wine from us, and thank you a lot for that bit. But, also that if you do need it, that wine whether it’s a case, a bottle or even a pallet?, so ‘urgently’, can you be good enough to tell us before you make the order or at the point of ordering, that this your request. And not inform us after we have confirmed the order and are in the process of waiting for your payment to come through, that you suddenly need the wine the next day, on the other side of the world.  I am seriously fed up with it. I obviously want your business, and I do not want to ask you how urgently you need the wine. There is a healthy order process and timescale here. So from your side, can you please make the decision, as we are not Amazon dot com or Ebay dot com, to be a little more reasonable with your delivery-time-schedules, and we can all reasonably get on and enjoy the natural pace of what is still a healthy, loving wine business.

An example: (then I can finish my wee ranting) A lovely client, in the Far East, ordered some 1962 magnums of Claret last week. The order came on a Monday. By Wednesday afternoon the funds were credited to our bank account in London, and on the same day the client tells me that he need these magnums in H-K for this Sunday’s birthday lunch! WTF. I call DHL and they, bless them, could not guarantee it but suggested that they can give it a go. They collected Thursday morning and the magnums arrived in H-K on the Saturday, but due to local Customs & Excise the wine was held up until the Monday, then released and delivered that Monday afternoon. Not bad eh!  Now, it’s not so much the, maybe it is going to arrive on time or not, but if I were buying wines like this and having them sent around the world, I would leave the bottles (in this case magnums) standing still and upright in my dining room, for at least a week (minimum) before indulging in the wine. Do we get it now? Over and out, PLEASE!

DHL CNS Delivery

Our local DHL driver/collector/delivery man (Maurizio) who has given up smoking, only drinks still water (and not the bubbly stuff), and shakes my hand whenever he comes to collect another package from the office, with a greeting that you know dam well that your package is going to arrive in Tapiei City, London, Hong-Kong or Geneva before you have time to say ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’.


Bravissimo DHL! and dear clients, RELAX!! a bit please.