The Legend Wine Museum

103 of the world`s iconic wines in one place; a wine museum for the next generation, and the one after…

It has taken over 13 years to track down what is a unique collection of legendary wines that are now all in one place. “Museo Leyenda 103“ is housed in the capital of the Republic of Argentina.

Some of these properties no longer exist, but this is why we have them all in one safe place and only for show. All 103 bottles.

Here we have visitors from all over the world to see in one place the extraordinary collection, unique in this world of 2017+

Many of our European & south American friends visit, especially from Brasil and with notice there can be offered an extraordinary tasting of local wines; which seems to take place on a monthly basis these days.

Tasting Enero 2017
Local wine tasting

Check in for this one, again unique! And the only house in South America to pour wine in to ZALTO glasses. If you are asking the question? Then already this is not in your league.

Either way, the “103 Legend Wine Musuem“ lives.

Drop us a line if you are in town, come see, and come taste.

You are most welcome.