Floating thru Friuli

It has been 26 years since I last visited the region, Friuli Venezia Giulia, and to return this time, hosted by Tim & Cristian (RWT) was a guided ‘vinous-treat’ personified.


We kicked off the ten day vinstravaganza in Trietse, needless to say with a wonderful wine tasting in the famous Savoia Palace, our base for the week-end.

The tasting took us through a plethora of contemporary Italian wines from the south of Italy, Sicily up to Tuscany and then north to Piedmonte. If ever a stage was set for the next 10 acts (days), this was it. Our feet from there on did not really touch the ground. Tim with his thoroughly expert eye and palate for all that could be found and tasted in the region (Friuli), found it and put it in front of us and we tasted everything worth tasting. Even finding time to hop over the border to Slovenia to taste more & dine on their local fresh ingredients.

rwt-1This was a wine journey that most professionals would have had difficulty keeping up with, and with the guiding hand of Tim and the superb backup organisation (RWT) I must tell you that a wine tour with RWT is definitely not for sissies. Two bodegas in the morning, lunch, then two bodegas in the afternoon finishing off with an end to each day with another gastronomique feast.

I can tell you that the only meal in the day that I know of that does not come with wine is called breakfast.

However, when I finally touched down in Venice (Ca’Segrada) at the end of the trip I can now share with you that I discovered, even breakfast can indeed come with the wine. In this case a slightly chilled Prosecco.

I have been lucky enough to visit many of the world’s wine regions, including most of the Italians zones, and this trip we took with Tim has to be a vinous trip of a lifetime. Tops!! So thank you Tim & Cristian, it was a privilege to be on your jaunt and please keep me posted for the next big tour, as I need to reserve a seat on it, now!

Many thanks to Robertson Wine Tours (RWT)