Scrabbling around …

We had another powercut down here last week, not so unusual, and I found myself ‘scrabbling’ around in the dark for a bottle of red to enjoy with dinner. Low and behold, I came across these two hidden gems tucked away right at the back of the cellar. They were right at the bottom of a case that had a mixture of local Malbecs from the 2000s inside and a black marker-penned message on the top of the case “reds to drink this year”

1962 Ch.Mouton Rothschild, Pauillac
A huge bouquet of blackcurrant fruit, spices, and leather all combine to captivate the olfactory senses. Silky, soft, supple and long. Great wine!

1977 Weinert Estrella Malbec, Lujan de Cuyo
Figgy, dark chocolate spice. Tobacco and cedar. Dense and long. Awesome!

As one is living here in a household where three languages are spoken on a daily basis. At the week-end, if we can all sit down together for a good old Sunday game of Scrabble, it does make the beginning of the week a little more agreable & fun. We use house rules, of course, which basically means that you can play in any of the three languages at the same time on the board. Spanish, English and French, that is. And look here at what was put down in the first 15 minutes of yesterday´s game, I lost by the way. Quite a theme though!

We had to say farewell, R.I.P., to two more old muckers last week. Clive (Cotes du Rhone) Coates MW opera lover, chief coffee-maker and my Burgundy godfather. Also passing the threshold was a mini giant of the culinary world, dear chef Alastair Little (Soho). I used to love going to his place, in 1980s. There was a huge hole in the dining room floor and his kitchen was inside that hole. You could watch everything going on down there from your table, whilst being fed there on ground level. The daily fresh menu was outstanding, and in those days totally inspirational!

“If I had all the money I’d spent on drink, I’d spend it on drink”  V.Stanshall Esq.