Let’s get swiggy with the Tiggy-wiggy

Bojo has now gone, grrrrr, and the price of young drinking Tignanello has just gone up, grrrrr! What’s the link here? Well, over the last 2 years Boris Johnson, as Britain’s Prime Minister of almost good taste, has consumed more Tignanello in number 10 Downing Street than Pizza Express, SW1 branch, has sold their numero-uno Chianti Riserva in the same period. Now that he, B-J, is leaving a largish hole in the Westminster cantina-cellar, my guess is the next inhabitant of No.10, probably that odd looking woman or the other fella, will go the whole hog in the ‘vin-rose’ direction. Not that anybody else cares a fig what they drink behind that BLACK door. However, I do care! a bit as I have been a provider of the vinous-dip, on and off now and a receiver of HM’s Govt’s good & signed No.10 cheques, that all helps oil my wheels along with the vinous wheels of Govt. A win-win for all concerned, I gue$$ though it does take a while for those cheques to clear.

In stock, we have a few bottles of 1985 Tignanello (Boris missed these and has moved over, of course, now to good old Claret, bravo!) that are still up for grabs @ GBP225 per bottle Under Bond* There are six good bottles in the cellar on last checking.

News from down under, as it where. Metres of snow having been falling, as they should be doing at this time of year, in Mendoza and of course up and down Los Andes. All bodes well for their 2023 harvests. Chile, Argyland, Bolivia & Peru.

Final word for this festive month of July, and before the world explodes with bullroar into a handful of plebian-dust. I would like to recommend very highly indeed, and not just to Boris but to anyone else who still actually has a palate, interest, some spare spondoolies and a keen eye for a dam good drinking Claret. You are not going to go wrong with this one: 2015 Ch.Brane-Cantenac, Margaux
I have been lucky enough to have drunk, at July lunches, Brane’15 three times in last three weeks, and I want more please! It may be a little young but then again what’s wrong with that eh! I sometimes like my Claret young & fresh! and when it’s this good just keep drawing the corks and forget about all the nonsense you read about in the press, but not here.

2015 Brane-Cantenac is powerful, structured and explosive in feel. A deep, resonant wine,  boasting off the charts ripeness allied to formidable structure and tannic heft. The dark stone fruit, smoke, tobacco, spice and leather flavors pack a huge punch, but it is the wine’s balance that places it among the elite on the Left Bank in 2015. Brane-Cantenac is a total pleasure bomb. Look for it, buy it and drink it. You can of course wait until your next of kin are in long trousers, for it to be “ah pwoin”but I would not bother to wait until then. They’ll all probably be into organic vino Rosada! and light Pizza by then and of course second label Tig! if they can afford it.

“If it’s sent by ship then it’s cargo, if it’s sent by road then it’s a shipment. Goodnight, thank you and may your God go with you” D.Allen Esq.