Jubble oh sheven shampagne!

Ever since an illustrious handshake between the Broccoli family and the Bollinger family, this Champagne house has been the exclusive choice of Bond when he’s not on his Dry Martini, that is. It’s true that Ian Fleming’s original Bond character was a Bolly drinker, but it didn’t become official until 1973. Bollinger and James Bond have never actually exchanged a bean over their collaboration (product placement) not even a centime. Amazing eh! The 2011 Bollinger comes in a 007 gift box this time, however, it will cost you a pretty penny, but it’s something that, like diamonds, you will be able to covet forever.

First of all, thanks to ‘M’, you open the box by pushing the metal tab at the base of the glass screen, activating the hydraulic hinges that lift the glass while simultaneously raising and presenting the bottle to you. Whether or not you or your best friend/lover plan on drinking this bottle, the box is probably something you’ll want to keep around for a while. The only other thought I had on this is that it would be pretty cool if there were some sort of Bondi-esque tool included for popping it open, but you’ll have to use your own imagination, or even hands, for that one.

Tasting Note: The 2011 Bollinger Grand Cru Blanc de Noirs, is made purely from Pinot Noir grapes and sourced from a single Grand Cru vineyard in the village of  Aÿ, in Champagne. I wished I could have enjoyed a glass or two with you, dear reader, but the best I can do is regale you with the details. ”It had a crisp, bright, clean, Granny Smith apple tartyness, backed up with dry brioche Bollinger backbone that we all love so much about Bollinger.

The house of Bollinger has of course produced 007 packaging before, but this one is totally unique, expensive and very hydraulic. Champagne collectors and drinkers alike will appreciate the vintage, 2011, the single grape and it’s origin, but those who are also Bond ‘fan-atiques’ may well have a space already waiting in their cellars, as this wine was supposed to have been released at the time of the movie coming out, which was of course pre-plague, 2020. I hear it will now be at a cinema near you towards the end of September 2021. 

We have 3 packs (bottles) 2011 Bollinger 007 in stock ex LCB VT should you have interest, so please do ask:  william@worldwineconsultants. com

PHOTO:  Two double O seven fans swopping tasting notes at the 1989 reunion of James Bond Club London (Copyright: Max Whitaker)