2021 En Primeur new$

One lucky fellow go to taste Pétrus 2020 the other day from the barrel, and a little at his lunch from a bottle, afterwards. He tasted spice and black fruit, dark fruit aromas that shine through in this powerful wine. The density of the texture and the concentrated fruits are seamless in their power. Yet, at the same time, the wine has refreshing acidity at the end that puts everything on a pedestal.
It is the summation of Pétrus. 98/100pts

If you have interest in ordering a bottle or two, as that’s all I am going to get this time, please do drop me a line in due course: william@worldwineconsultants.com
The bottles will not be physically available until Spring 2023 if you can wait that long.

The only other remotely interesting 2021 En Primeur news to share with you my dear reader, is from the village of Margaux, and it’s about the second wine of Ch.Palmer, once again I know, known as Alter Ego. Please look carefully at the figures bellows as they may explain clearly why we should, or why we should not bother laying precious funds upfront for a wine that’s not bottled yet, a wine that may not increase in purchase value, and indeed and in this case just makes the older vintages (like the lovely 2015 vintage) look surprisingly undervalued.

2020 Alter Ego Ch.Palmer, Margaux (93/100pts) @ GBP660cs (12bts) delivery in 2023! (There will be 60 bottles offered only)
Chocolate shavings and smoked coffee bean on the nose, it’s a vintage where you can’t get away from the tannins, but here they have sinew and juice, like the best translation of the tannins in the year. This has real purity of fruit (very low SO2 addition at Palmer), together with the gourmet touch that you want in Alter Ego. 45% of overall production. 3.73pH. Survived mildew better than in 2018 because of experience in dealing with the conditions. August 15 to 29 for the harvest. A yield of 31hl/ha. 5 cases (12x75cl) available.

2019 Alter Ego Ch.Palmer, Margaux (94/100pts) @ GBP330cs (6bts) delivery in Spring 2022! (I have 25 cases available)
Cinnamon spice on the nose, with a patisserie edge to the fruits that gives a rich, creamy impression. As ever with the Palmer stable of wines, you can pick out the individual flavours clearly, with careful and precise delineation of cassis, bilberry, slate and tobacco notes, but overall this is an outstanding Alter Ego that puts the emphasis on pleasure. Tannins are extremely precise but feathery and pliable. An extremely low 37ppm of SO2 at this stage, in keeping with biodynamic principles and a desire to let the fruit speak. 3.62ph. 45hl/h yield, 45% of overall production in Alter Ego. Drinking Window 2024 – 2038. Thanks Jane!
25 cases (6x75cl) available & offered subject to the remaining unsold, ETA in May/June 2022

2015 Alter Ego Ch.Palmer, Margaux (95/100pts) @ GBP660ib (12bts) in bond today ready to deliver to you tomorrow.
(If you do not have a bonding account in UKoyu just need to add on HM’s Duty & Excise, delivery and VAT)
Very solid and powerful with dried mushroom and wet earth aromas and flavors. Complex. Full and chewy yet so polished and long. Spicy, meat and gorgeous. Most serious Alter Ego ever. More inner Ego now!. 52% Merlot, 41% Cabernet Sauvignon, and a smidgeon of Petit Verdot at 6%. 2 cases (12x75cl) available June 2021, until sold of course. There are another 8 cases (12) available for sale @ GBP695ib, today!

Photo:  Gianfranco Soldera leading the way in ‘Case Basse’ to taste his 1990 Intistieti and Brunello di Montalcino inside a 500 year old olive tree. ‘My god it was a hot day’. W.P.H.