All passions spent…

All passions spent, so let’s start by getting the bad news out of the way. Regretfully, with all the joys of post-Brexit, deliveries to European countries are difficult now, to put it mildly it’s turned everything upside down, with uninsured options quite impossible. The companies we use like DHL, UPS, Colissimo (Parcelforce) for most of our shipping, do provide us with occasional updates which all follow the same, negative tune. Each EU country has different regulations in place for importing wine from outside of the EU. Therefore each country is treated separately, which creates too many headaches, paperwork, and huge extra costs, resulting in most couriers simply throwing their arms up in despair whilst waving their white flags in surrender. We are now in May 2021 and the situation is not improving. Moreover, there are no glimmers of hope for delivering wine (uninsured) to the EU this year. Insured options for some countries are viable, but expensive. This week, we had a shipment of 6 bottles to one private client in Germany and the shipping costs, door to door, were close to 300pounds. Enough said and I will keep you posted. Shipping to as far afield as Buenos Aires, Tokyo and even Hawaii is less expensive these days than Europe.

Onto the good news now, and during this first week of May 2021, we have just received at London City Bond VT our very limited allocation of Zuccardi’s 2017 Piedra Infinita (98/100pts). There are a mere 60 bottles available and today the price is @ £82 per bottle Under Bond (£246ib per case 3 x 75cl). Remember the 2016 Piedra Infinita with it’s 100 pointer! There’s not a lot in it compared to Sebastian Z’s latest efforts. Bravissimo!

Download Zuccardi PDF Information Sheet

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‘Premier je suis
Second je fus
Mouton ne change’ … Baron de Rothschild, Philippe.