Is there a doctor in the house?

Yes, we have one here, we have a Docteur Peste, can he help you?

How are you dear masked & ‘self-incarcerated’ reader, or have they given you ‘permission’ to leave yet? Well, to change the theme a little and have some fresh air I would like to tell you, maybe you know this already or maybe not, that there was once a Jean-Louis Peste in Burgundy. He was a doctor at the Hospices de Beaune for almost 30 years in the mid-19th century. His daughter, Baroness du Baÿ, left a vast estate to the Hôtel-Dieu in his memory.  In 1924 until now the estate was made up from 89% fully mature, or what we now call very old vines. The cuvée comes principally (52%) from Chaumes et Voierosses, which is south and south-west-facing land. These vines were re-planted 4 times between 1976 and 1985. Les Bressandes, the oldest vines date from 1940, along with Les Grèves bring complexity, richness and balance to Corton Cuvée Docteur Peste.

And to give you an idea, we tasted a bottle or two of 2001 Hospices de Beaune Corton Grand Cru Cuvee Dr Peste to celebrate what could soon be the end of this plague, if only these fearmongers can relax and finally go on holiday, or something (sex n’travel) and leave us all alone to get on with what know best to do.

Great Burgundy smells of shit‘, or used to, said A.Hanson MW in his usefully used book BURGUNDY (published 1995). However, this wine not only showed a deep garnet-purple, with roasted densely ripe aromas, but was already complex. The palate is full-bodied and richly structured. Solid and yet with soft tannins. The character of Corton Dr. Peste is well delineated, and the wine will prove magnificent, particularly after several years of bottle age. There is neither astringency nor bitterness, but massive complexity on the palate, showing great potential. Delicious old school and relatively affordable Burgundy.

I have registered, with our friends at Christie’s London, to bid in this years auction. The date should still be on 15th November 2020. I hope to be going down there for the week-end and to enjoy some local wines and join in the festivities. If you want to come in on some of the full barrel action, or just some bottled juice action, just drop me a line here and I will keep a note to be in touch with you the week before the sale:

Until then, let’s raise a glass or two to you n’yours, and of course, don’t forget our hero Asterix ‘to forget the worries of ancient life always drink authentic wine’.

“If I had all the money I spent on drink, I’d spend it on drink”
WPH & Vivian S. R.I.P.