BREAKING NEWS: Alcohol kills VCOVID-2019 (aka: Coronavirus)

Great news! 

Fantastically good news from WHO (knock knock) as the headlines today read that Alcohol kills Coronavirus. So, you can all stay at home, read books, watch movies (please NOT Netflix), make LOVE and drink your CELLAR completely dry. All of it, as you only live once! I was once told.

Now, I can assist you with the refilling of your cellar, as our wine delivery van will be in your neighborhood next Tuesday, and every Tuesday from next week to replenish your empty wine racks and wine bins.

Drink up now! and please remember to wash your hands afterwards!! You can still wash Zalto wine glasses in the washing machine,  just don’t use detergent on them. A hot wash, and maybe a dash of salt is sufficient, amazing eh!

Breaking News - Coronavirus


Washing your hands and your privates with cheapo fizz, Scrumpy or Argy Sauvignon Blanc, I am afraid, just doesn’t do the trick!!

You have been warned!