May you live in interesting times!

Well it is indeed that time of year again when the flying winemakers and the flying winedealers end up tripping over each other’s corkscrews, bumping into each other in various worldly airports, and sipping the ‘what’s on offer’ at the respective lounges. The wines are not always so good, as you know, but I am extremely grateful for a glass of chilled and more or less good bubbly, or something refreshing from Chile or even Spain whilst waiting for the ‘boarding now’ light to pop up. Long gone are the days when L. Roederer and Gosset NV fizz were on tap. And likewise, the odd small growth or Cru Bourgeois Claret, never from a particularly good vintage, or a Chablis 1er Cru were always most welcome with a piece of ripened Cheddar or Shropshire blue!!! Alas, no longer. Spain, New World and a Champagne house that nobody has ever heard of, except in Sao Paolo where they pour the terrible Chandon from Mendoza as if it’s supposed to be Moet & Chandon NV from Epernay. It sure as hell aint! Why do they do that?

So as I know the majority of the good working folk are now on their well earnt  holidays and I am still here in the office, I am going to offer you a ‘spot the difference‘ quiz.

Here are two photographs taken whilst waiting for a connection yesterday.

1) Which airport am I waiting in?

2) Point out five clear differences in the photos shown.

3) The wine in the glass on the left is a blend of Macabeo and Sauvignon Blanc. What is the grape variety of the glass on the right? (clue: begins with a V and ends with an O).

4) What is the current $terling market value (by bottle) of the Super Tuscan showing on the screen.

5)  How many winning rides did Frankie Dettori have at Goodwood’s Festival this August 2019?

Spot The Difference

The two best answers on the above, both winners get invited for a dam good lunch at 67 Pall Mall before 2020.

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