Chalking it up at El Cronista

Funny how an informal question or two over the telephone from a Maria-Paula, who I thought was going to be a client, can lead to an article in a national newspaper down here in the bottom of the world.

If I remember correctly, she was asking me which wines that are produced in Argentina would I recommend her worth putting some of her well earned spare wonga into, as an investment of course. Naturally, I offered her my advice.

The gist of my bit in this article, for the the non-Spanish readers, is to get into bed with Bodega PerSe, buy Estiba Reservada, keep an eye out on 100 point Catena Zapata reds and make sure you have a good prayer book at hand, all of the time. Alas, this is still the wild west down here.

Sassicaia 1985

You can see the article here.

And just to give you an idea of how well the 2015 La Crae (chalk in French) Bodega PerSe went over the last six months. Well it’s beaten Gold, Stocks and Shares, Real Estate and even First Growth Claret on that all important London Wine Index. It was going for A$2.500 six months ago, and now, if you can find any, it will set you back at least A$10.000+ for 75cls. If you have a calculator I am sure you can work out the % increase. It’s a good one, and I already have orders for 2016 vintage which has not even been released yet. Fingers croxxed.

Are we now entering the bear market? or have I always been ticking my own bear. I think so. So get some orders in for those skins, and then go and hunt for them. The bull left it’s cage a while ago.