Hear say or Pear say?

Now, I know what you’re thinking, with this country’s (Rep.of Argenzuela) economy going down the pan quicker than you can say “emerging markets currency contagion crisis”, and political naughtiness abounding with scandal after scandal, why should you or anyone else for that matter get excited about the latest vintage and new wines coming out of Mendoza, Rio Negro, Patagonia, Salta and San Juan provinces, when you could be fretting, if you live down here that is, yourself into an existential crisis?

Well here we go, the latest non-existential big stuff, and super delicious it is as well is the 2015 PerSe `La Craie`.  How did they do it?

2015 PerSe `La Craie`

It has just been tasted by `los experts` and they have awarded this little 500 (Yes, only 500 x 75cls)  bottle production with a big 98/100 points.

What is it? you ask. Not another dam Catena wine, or The silly Enemy wine that has landed their Cabernet Franc with a 100 pointer earlier in the year.

Well, the answer is a simple NO!, thank goodness, as this is a super little blend of 75% Malbec and 25% Cabernet Franc made by Edgardo del Popolo and David Bonomi, who picked the grapes and blended the juice from them at 1.300masl and then threw the whole lot into two old, clean French oak barrells for 16 months. Bottled then without filtration in the Bodega PerSe to be found in Tupungato, and what is in the now highly respected wine village of Gualtallary. All the top stuff in Mendoza is coming from there these days.

Do you want any? Well good luck with that one. My wine friend in Palermo, EdwardO (he took the photograph for us by the way) can only let go of ONE bottle per customer.

Email me if you need more information: william@worldwineconsultants.com