Book Review meets Peak Parker!

Wine a Way of Life‘ is a tour de Force, a tour de France and a tour de le Wine Trade is for anyone who bought ‘En Primeur’ Bordeaux in the days of pen, ink, the back of a used envelope, the use of a fax machine and a 30 day post dated cheque, will appreciate a lot.
W.P.H. (London SW1)

Steven Spurrier - Wine a way of life

SS has planted a tree (vineyard in Dorset), had a child (or two) and has now written a book (autobiography), insuring a measure of vinous immortality.
WH (Sao Paolo VIP Lounge)

Spurriers account of a charmed life is something that he is very willing to share and indeed always has been. With so many names mentioned an index and indeed rather more inspired editorial control might well have made for a better read.

Steven Spurrier has written an outstanding autobiography.
Guillermo H (Buenos Aires)

Mr Spurrier’s book fills a crucial gap between the understanding of The Wine Trade (R.I.P. circa 1999) and The Wine Industry (R.P.jnr/WA points born in 1982 vintage to the present day – PEAK PARKER)
Hancock W (Oporto)

”I managed to finish a decent bottle of Vins de Pays d’Oc, a half bottle of Chilean Carmeniere, two glasses of Slovenian Furmint and I am only on page 188, with 156 pages to go. The punctuation and spelling mistakes, needles to point out the grammatical errors (Mr Fobber my English teacher at school must be turning in his grave) make this all a tedious vinous journey taking me through familiar territory as if I am in the backseat of a mini-moke (no suspension) being driven by SS down the lanes of Wine – A Way of Life”  (& way to extend death to as far away as possible)
Fillipe H (Riobamba St.)

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