Mizz World 2017 ‘Gold Medal’ Winner goes to?

The 1st edition of this Miss World Wine List pagent, was held on 10th December 2017 in Buenos Aires, Argentina with a ‘live’ feed from Auckland, New Zealand. There were 10 contestants from all over the world competing for this coveted title.

From Greece, Miss Thea Santorini, Fraulein Wittman from the Rheinhessen in Germany. A tranny from California who goes by the name of, Mister Kay. Madmoiselle Tempier from Bandol, a Mizz Poulsard all the way from the Jura mountains. The lovely Miss Bianco Breg down from Oslavia. Miss Cascina Francia comes sporting a 96 x 94 x 99. Madame Meo-Camuzet is in a bit of a Chambolle-Musigny. The delightful D.Dageneau who prefers to go by the name, Silex. And last, but of course not least, a miss Vaira-Viagra from the Piedmont.

Wine Searcher - GOLD Retailer Award

And the winner iz: Miss Cascina Francia.

She is all understatement and class. Silky, impeccable tannins supporting expressive red berries, flowers, mint and sweet spices. An intensely perfumed Cascina Francia that impresses for the purity of her fruits and phenomenal overall balance.

Amazing, a truly amazing wine.

Congratulations & celebrations when I tell everyone that you are in love. I want the world to know that I am as happy as can be!!

And if you are not up to knowing what those measurements are all about? Well, the bust, waist and hips relate to ‘Appearance, Nose & Palate’.

Later on that evening, good fortune continued via the ‘live’ link to New Zealand, as we continued to celebrate as another GOLD medal was awarded. And we are very very proud indeed to accept it. Thank you! Thank you very much!

Dear William

We are delighted to award you the following in Wine-Searcher’s inaugural Retailer Awards:

GOLD 2017 Argentinian Wine List in London

Each year, only a limited number of awards will be issued. These awards recognize price lists that Wine-Searcher consider excellent. Some of the factors taken into account as to what makes an outstanding price list are the quality of the wines, the wine regions represented and the variety of vintages stocked.

Kind Regards,  The Team at Wine-Searcher

Wine Searcher - GOLD Retailer Award