A metafizzical Shakespearean blind tasting

And as Willy once said ”good wine, and a good welcome can make good company”

Our monthly gathering of the vinous folk appeared, in hand, with various bottles disguised in newspaper, socks and other cover ups, as this is the ‘once a month’  blind tasting that is enjoyed by the little gang here that really still do enjoy wine, for what it is. In all it’s forms and in all it’s guises.

So we are six, with seven bottles, all disguised like little blindfolded bastards about to be executed. The wines that is. And yes, we have enough trust and knowledge to share between us without ruining the fun, more or less, as to which weight and style of wine we are about to taste, so as not to mess up the order of things.

It was indeed an interesting mishmash of vinous offering. The order was correct, but apart from the obvious first fizz, I do not think anyone really touched base with the following six wines. Grapes yes, sometimes. Countries no, and from there on just full of good surprises.

The blindfolds are off and here we go:….

GH Mumm NV (but with a hell of a lot of bottle age), Champagne
An artless heartless, common kissing, hugger mugger.

2015 Thea, Semeli, Mantinia ‘fine lees contact’, Santorini
Impertinent, folly-fallen, a total strumpet.

2013 Dr.Loosen’s Urziger Wurzgarten Riesling Kabinett
Dankish, an elf-skinned measle.

2015 Wittmann’s Westhofener Riesling Trocken
Vain, rude growing, a real hedge pig.

2002 Mas de Daumas Gassac, Languedoc Roussillon (my wine of the evening)
An infectious, hedge-born, pumpion.

1978 Ch.Leoville Barton, St.Julien
Roguish, rumpfed, pigeon egg.

2005 Faustino Gran Reserva, Rioja
Yeasty, unchin snouted, puttock.

The usual banter followed and with a German sweetie that I cannot remember the name of. And we all agreed with Willy that “a good wine, definitely needs no brush”.