Montalcino Phoenix rises from the…

Most people do not know that the Phoenix actually had to tear off her own feathers to enter the fire. mmm?

Metaphor or not. Gianfranco Soldera, our current, and since 1985, hero of the wine world is back on top form. Not only is he one the great, great red winemakers of the world. But a stalwart of Brunello precision. He has since bounced back from the horror that took place on the 2nd December 2012. When as you know, vandals entered his Case Base winery and opened all of the taps on the barrels of the entire production of BdM 2007, through till 2012. In excess of 600 hectoliters of the world’s greatest Brunello di Montalcino. That equates to around 85,000 bottles of wine. Great bouquet no doubt!

Recently our faithful Antonio Vinous popped into chat with Herr Soldera. Have a peek: Click here to watch the video

Gianfranco Soldera

It took me three visits back in the early 1990s, to be able to purchase just a few cases of ‘Intistieti’ and ‘Case Basse’. Both now referred to as IGT Toscana. The 2006 IGT Toscana SOLDERA was bottled before the vandals conjured up their little plan. This is of 100% Sangiovese and as rare as rocking hordes poo pooh.