Now go get yourself a cuppa of Cappadocia

Times have indeed changed. If you need an example of how good Turkish wines can be these days, this is a great place to start. 2015 Cotes d`Avanos, Kavaklidere, Ankara.

Turkish Wines - Cotes d'AvanosMulti layered, dry and rich. The spiciness of the Narince grape marries seamlessly with the softer, creamier textures of the Chardonnay. This is really very, very fine indeed. Do you remember the days at the LWTF (Wine fair) when there was a Greek stand upstairs, that sometimes would hook up with a Turkish producer, hidden away in the corner somewhere at Olympia? A few bottles of something unprouncable on offer and some one lying unconscious on the floor infront of the stand. (once in their own sick, I will never forget that) Well all is over now.

From Crete to Santorini and all the way up to Cappadocia via Thrace and the Aegean coast. In this case Ankara, where we can now drink some of the most original and most interesting wines being produced in the world today. Admitadly, they have been doing this for over 1000s of years. Narince and Kalecik Karasi are both indigenous grapes. ‘Original’ being the optimum word for the flavors here and yet from Ancient knowledge. Each one of the 16,000 bottles produced at Kavaklidere winery are numbered. Well done! shows some real class, and wanting to be apart of the international wine scene.

Since 2013, promoting alcohol in any form is illegal. Including wine tastings and of course advertising. And how bizaar is that.

”hayat kötü şarap içmek için çok kısa”