We finally show ourselves as we truly are!

Well, after many years of guiding ‘wine professionals’ and non professionals, of course, around the top bodegas of Mendoza, Salta and the Rio Negro (Argentina). We can finally ‘show ourselves as we truly are’ (pamphlet translation). The ‘wine tourism’ arm of WWC SA is up and running. Actually, it has been for a few years now. But it has been so exclusive, that we dare not mention it.  ‘Boca a boca’ (mouth to mouth), not silly football stuff please, unless you want us to get you tickets (no problemO) for their next football match. I hear they are doing rather well these days. But I do not care a drop of Torrontes about all that.

Wine Tourism arm of WWC SA

Oh do stop it, I can hear you splitting yourselves with laughter.

Our ‘hi-level’ tour-menu is ready. Wether it be a 3 day, seven day, or more days, if your are honeymooners, wine-tour of some of the largest and most interesting, stunning wine provinces in the world. Mendoza, Salta & Rio Negro. Well the latter is a little bit flatter, but their wines are equally as monumental as their Andean brothers and sisters.

We have taken wine enthusiasts on motorcycle, horseback, llama and chauffeur driven (almost) limousine tours. From the Capital, Buenos Aires, to Mendoza City (Capital of Mendoza province), Salta (Capital of Salta province) and of course Cafayatte, the little Salteno wine disneyland that boasts altitudes of 3.000masl up there in Salta. Where the wine tastes as good as it does at sea level. Just remember to breath slowly and keep eating the beef and empanadas, and even a bit llama sirloin can ease the altitude hunger a bit, as well as the alcohol content. Sometime 16%, ufff.

I am lighting the barbecue (asado) now as I type. Don’t miss this one out. It will change your lives for the better, and forever. I am not kidding.

Details, as usual from:  william@worldwineconsultants.com

Just as a postscript, and for my sense of humor rather than anything else. The very first Argentine wine tasting, held in London back in 1988/89 at the banqueting, splendid halls, of Westminster.

There was a welcome banner pinned up over the entrance door that read: ”Our wines, our lands, our souls”