A Pele, a Pique and a Pizzaro

GollllL !!   hopping on the, almost, national (TAM) Brasilian airline (my favourate), as i travel north over the river Plate. The plane levels off and the drinks trolly finally clanked it´s way up the aisle, in my direction, being well driven by the lovely Kelly, whose bum was wider than the trolly itself and almost did not make it to 33C , where i am waiting, legs stretched out into the passage, inquisitively, to see what those bottles of wine might be rattling around on the top shelf.

“Drinkxxx, what you like?”

i said no thanks to the Argie offering (Melipal and another that i cannot remember now), also a Chilean Savignon Blanc, with far too much acidity at this altitude. But when she flashed the label at me that read, Vina Perez Cruz, my polite finger leapt into action and i said yes please to that one, i´ll have a glass.

Obrigado!, well it turned out to be a 2013 ´´Liguai´´ from P.Cruz´s Maipo estate, in Chile. Now having checked out the Mapudungun translation into Her Majesty´s finest, I can tell you that Liguai means ´seer´. And what a cracker it was. A wise 48% Syrah, a sensible 28% Cabernet Sauvignon and a splashful 24% Carmenere. Magnificent, Red berry aromas and a hint of black peppercorn, mixed herbs that i can report could be Thyme, Bay leaf and and soft Rosemary. Firm and soft tannins, concentrated balanced fruits as above, and I absolutely love it.

She is back again. Kelly the not bottomless trolley that is. I will ask her if i can have another glass, and she pulls out a bottle of Chardonnay. I am about to say, no no no no nooo, when again, I am suprised to click my eyes on the name Viñedos Emiliana.  Ohhh yes. I´ll have some of that one please Kelly.

2014 Novas Chardonnay from Emiliana; a pure Biodynamic straw-yellow Chardonnay where peaches and pears abound, all held back by perfectly balanced acidity and hints of dried fruit and nuts. Not too long on the finish and a gift at 35.000 feet above sea-level.

Before I forget,  Whenever I walk on a plane and have done this for years now. I always ask the welcoming airstewardess, before i turn right and get involved in hell, what the name of the Champagne that they are pouring, on the left (Biz or 1er). On this occasion she told me that it was Cave Geisse. I had never heard of it, and when she put a small glass infront of me some minutes later once we were in the air  (another reason why I just love TAM, what other airline would bother to follow that up eh!?), she showed me the bottle. It was labelled 2014 Cave Geisse, Brut, metodo tradicional from Pinto Bandeira. The back label informed me that the Bodega is to be found in the Distrito de Bento Gonclaves, Brasil. A fine creamy mousse and not a lot on the palate, but what was on show was white flower and cookies. Not brioche. Short palate but well made and my first Brasilian bubbly. The back label also told me that it was made from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay (30% and 70%) grapes. Aged on their little olde lees for up yo 24 months. Bravo!!

I have no interest in football whatsoever.

Now, please fasten your seatbelts for the next bloggy buggasville …