Vinous Poeticus (Poesia)

When the Frenchies come to town to show off their latest vintage of Malbec (60%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (40%), one sits up and takes note.

Poesia 2011When the POESIA label is signed by ‘la belle’ Helene Garcin it is also a good idea to look into the cellar to see if there is a previous vintage to taste next to it. In this case 2010!

Well, we tasted the two side by side. The 2011 offering a clean Malbec huw-red and a touch of browny-rim, showing it’s age. The nose was a bit over wooden, maybe too much vanilla, but definitely the aroma of a fine Mendocian new/old wine world.

poesiaOn the palate: well made, non-aggressive wood, not a heavy wine at all, a high alcohol (14.5% to be expected from this part of the world) a slight sweet plumpy plumbness, backed up with good acidity. medium to long finish, a real south American wine with the style of Bordeaux that we have come to grips with from the owner of the Clos L’Eglise + stables.

Alongside is the more familiar and outstanding 2010 POESIA. A little more brick-red than 2011. More or less the same character as 2011, but a lot more depth and a steely elegant nose. Powerhouse of a palette. Soft yet strong tannins, well balanced and still showing signs of French new oak. Spicy and very rounded fruit in the mouth, good acidity backed up with the usual alcohol (14.5%). I have tasted and drunk this wine many times, and I find it a menstrual pleasure and only wish I had not been so impatient to drink what I no longer have left in the cellar.